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How to use our cameras?

Welcome! We have a small gift from a whole team of Magemar Polska for all the people visiting our website. It is beautiful veiw from our professional web camera. The camera has a 25 times optical zoom + digital one and 800000 pixels. You can see its view in color with maximum speed of 12 pictures per second. It has a vector steering. It is working during a night time – then a view is black & white. Camera is available for everybody.
Now please look at a small instruction how to use it:

  • you can see an icon of our web cam in the right upper corner
  • press it and than you will be shifted to our camera web page
  • press Java or Active X (depending what you can use) steering panel for our camera is in English - so please press control button and than you can look at the stock by 120 second. You can use arrows but much better is to control it by vector steering available by your mouse. To make a zoom you must make by your mouse a square ona view. To obtain a square please press a left mouse button in a place where you would like to start a square and later on shift your mouse in the place where it should be completed – than release a button. Then you will see a red square and later on camera will zoom in a selected area. To zoom out please use a bar on the bottom. You can use a wheel in your mouse too. To move the cameras please press by cursor somewhere on a view.
  • additionally you can see our gallery - over 5000 pictures (normal ones and panoramas) presenting various cargoes, vessels, and some interesting things, especially I recommend you a granite vessels MV Alanya, MV Crane Arrow, MV Aspen Arrow & MV ID Contender
  • gallery is working in many language versions
  • quite soon amount of pictures will exceed over 30 000
  • you can adjust your account - in menu on a left upper corner "your account" - especially you can adjust your own city and have a weather forecast for next 5 days
  • in the near future we are planning many options and usefully tools for registered users

    Now, have a fun looking at our granite stock, port and the most beautiful side of our Szczecin (Stettin) city with the most representative area visible from our port

    We are very interested in your opinion.
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