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About our Conmpany and us

  MAGEMAR is a company belongs to the logistic group MAGEMAR-MAGETRA-MAGEMON-DONGEMAR. The history of the group begins in the 30's of the XX century when the company MAGEMON started its activity as a stevedoring company for bulk cargos in Liege - the biggest river port in Belgium.

Magemon, Liege, 30's of XX - view from a water side

Magemon, Liege, 30's of XX - view from the road

During the years the company has served more and more different commodities and simultaneously has started to offer the transport services. To meet the requirements of the customers three new companies have been called into life: Magetra - acting in the field of road transportation, Magemar - the maritime transport provider and the last one Dongemar created in 2006 with its site in Xiamen in China. Nowadays the group has the network of its own offices and agents worldwide and serves over six million tons of different cargos each year, including not only conventional but containerized ones too.       

MAGEMAR head office is localized in Belgian city Liege. This office coordinates the activities of other MAGEMAR offices in Belgium, Germany and Poland. Office in Liege is organizing a sea transport worldwide using a conventional and containers vessels. The second Belgian office in Antwerp is responsible for cargo terminal (12 square hectares) situated on the berth 228 in the port of Antwerp. They are responsible for reception, full reloading, segregation and customs clearance, service for all means of transport. The terminal handles the cargos coming from the different world sides - mainly from Asia, South America and Africa. Our main specialty is a global service for rough granite blocks. Although Granite is one of our main cargo over there we are doing other cargoes too of course. Magemar Antwerp controls also the traffic of the cargo destined to whole Europe, between others to Poland.

The German office of MAGEMAR was created in Neuss. Since over 15 years the company efficiently serves the biggest granite customers from the West Europe, Brazil & India. Magemar Neuss is performing their activity globally using as a support of whole our group. Our new opened company Dongemar is coordinating and organizing of all kind of transport not only o a territory of China but full Far East area. They are growing very fast and we are now planning to open a second office in China.      


  Our site in Szczecin - all photos by Cezary Skorka

Magemar Polska was founded in July of 1999. The office is located on the historical vessel THPV Bembridge built in Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. in 1938. Vessel is berthed in the Harbour of Szczecin, on Egyptian Berth next to the Duty Free Zone area (pictures above). Since 2005 company has also the second office in the Port of Gdynia, therefore we are performing a full range of activity in all Polish sea ports. In the structure the polish company is responsible for: the sea transport (conventional and containerized), port handling and road and river transportation and customs agency activity. The policy of Magemar Polska is the highest quality of the offered services. It is guaranteed by the high qualified and experienced staff. All the employees have university degree and are graduates of different faculties like the sea transportation, port and fleet operations, logistics, economics, foreign trade. We are helping to our customers not only with tasks related to transport, logistic, forwarding or customs matters. We offering to them our advice and help concerning all matters related to whole their Foreign Trade activity. During the eight years of its activity Magemar Polska achieve one of the top positions on the local forwarding market and became one of the most serious contractors of the port of Szczecin and Gdynia. But we are the most happy to have a trust of our customers and their high opinion about our job and efforts.     

Magemar Szczecin

Nowadays the most developing discipline in a world of transport is transporting of almost all kinds of goods and cargoes in containers. Every year using our international network we are organizing an export and import of many containers from and to many sometimes very strange places on the world.       

We are developing systematically from many years. We are very proud that Magemar Polska is one of the leaders in our international group. As a reword for our hard and fruitful work Management of Magemar has given to us a pioneer task to open and start the commercial activity of our company in China - Dongemar Xiamen. Our people were present In Xiamen from a very beginning. We were assisting in negotiations and finalizing of Joint Venture agreement, in creation of a company, employment of a Dongemar staff and organizing of office from a very begging up to their start of service for our customers and their cargoes. Some of us were present in China and were helping to our Chinese friends to develop of their company. Continuous development of our company will be not possible without our high qualified and adjusted to working together team. People created our company, they are building it and they are daily and permanently working hard in order that our company will continuously grow bringing a satisfaction to all employed and our Owners.       

We are very close team both in Szczecin where we have 15 people, in Gdynia where we have 10 people and in Katowice where we have 3 colleges. Our daily success is made by excellent, family atmosphere in our both offices, young, ambitious and high motivated people, who are coming to their job with real pleasure. Our satisfaction and high motivation we are passing to our customers and suppliers. We are very grateful to our customers and suppliers for all what we succeed to do positively together. Our main points in our strategy is to act according to fair play rules in daily activity, high quality of our service and regular payments to our suppliers ? we used to pay all invoices with accuracy to one day. Our customers are satisfied from our service and they are coming back with a new tasks with pleasure. We are honoured especially in such kind moments when they are recommending us to their friends and other companies. We are very happy when we are receiving an e-mail or phone from a new customers knowing that we had been recommended by somebody. It is the best form of our promotion. Our suppliers are filling respect to our honest and serious approach to them ? our regular payments are respected with pleasure. We have no outstanding payments to any our suppliers ? despite of fact that on polish market a regular payments are not a fashion.       

We are very proud of the fact that our develop and successes in daily activity are visible for the others. We are pleased to inform that Magemar Polska has just received four times a very prestige business reword: title and statue "Gazelles of Business".

Of course we will still develop ourselves. There are many things what we are shamed, and many to improve. Nobody is perfect, a mistake is a human nature. Every day our life is going a head creating a develop, we are simply trying to proceed together with it as our way of life.
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