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THPV Bembridge 1938 in new brochure of our Marshal Office 12/10/2009

Recently we received from our Marshal Office a new brochure concerning the Regional Operational Program. Brochure is really done in very professional way not only in case of its contents but concerning graphical style too. Very important fact is that it was issued in three languages - so in Polish, English and French. We hope that Brussels will estimate correctly our perfect use to account of European Founds in our Region.

Front cover

Page No. 6

Our project is listed as a second one perfectly rated project in Westpomeranian Region of Poland

Page No. 7 - THPV Bembridge in winter time

All pictures were made by our college Kamil Hajduk, so by our company photographer.

We would like to say a great thanks to our Marshal Office for that distinction and we are enjoying really a lot that others are estimation correctly our hard job related to her buying, towing, rebuilding and finally for successful restoration of our Old Lady Bembridge.
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